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Product Correlation

Product Application

The main products of Taikai® insulation are 35-1100kV vacuum pressure impregnated insulating tie rods, 126kV-1100kV vacuum epoxy casting moldings, PTFE nozzles, insulating material crossarms, outdoor equipment dehumidification and anti-condensation products, silicone rubber electric heaters, Composite rods, composite post insulators, hollow composite insulators, rod suspension composite insulators and various rubber seal products. Applied to major power projects at home and abroad.

Production Equipment

Taikai® insulation has 6 automatic epoxy resin vacuum casting production lines, 4 dynamic and static composite vacuum impregnation production lines, 7 automatic silicone rubber injection molding production lines, 2 high-voltage circuit breaker nozzle production lines and 4 sets of silicone rubber injection molding equipment. 2 composite rod winding production lines. It can meet the assembly capacity of 800kV combined electrical appliances with 5 intervals/month, 550kV combined electrical appliances with 30 intervals/month, 252kV combined electrical appliances with 180 intervals/month, and 126kV combined electrical appliances with 340 intervals/month. Taikai® insulation's main testing equipment includes: 2 sets of Swiss DSC differential calorimetry scanning analyzers, 2 sets of 225kV "X" ray real-time detection and imaging equipment, 2 sets of 550kV withstand voltage partial discharge detection equipment, 1 set of 1000kV withstand voltage partial discharge equipment, high There are 2 sets of low-temperature alternating heat and humidity test chambers, and more than 30 sets of various raw material testing equipment, which can conduct comprehensive testing of physical and chemical properties such as electrical and mechanical properties of raw materials, samples and finished products.

Production Market

Taikai® insulation has a long-term cooperative relationship with the State Grid, and our products are widely used in power projects and substations across the country. At the same time, our company has a wide range of international business, and its main products are distributed in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Australia and many other countries are long-term cooperative customers.

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