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Composite Distribution Poles
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Composite Distribution Poles

Shandong Taikai Electrical Insulation Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of Composite Distribution Poles. The application of Composite Distribution Poles in the power industry has broad prospects. With the continuous innovation of technology and the promotion of applications, Composite Distribution Poles will better meet the needs of power distribution networks, and will also promote the development and transformation of the power industry.

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Product Description

Composite poles are tubular hollow structure poles with polyurethane (or epoxy resin) as the matrix and glass fiber as the reinforcement, which are formed by wet continuous winding process and high temperature curing.

The composite distribution pole produced by Shandong Taikai Electrical Insulation Co., Ltd. has the advantages of light weight and convenient installation. Compared with traditional materials such as steel poles, Taikai composite distribution poles have a lower density. Taikai composite distribution poles are usually designed with a hollow structure, which reduces the weight of the pole body. By optimizing the structural design, it is possible to provide sufficient strength and rigidity while reducing the overall weight. The quality of Taikai composite distribution pole is 1/5 to 1/10 of that of traditional cement pole. In particular, the segmented pole can be easily and quickly carried by only two people on the mountain with bare hands, and the pole can be erected within 15 minutes without machinery, which has strong mobility. The extremely light weight reduces the demand for transportation manpower and lifting equipment. Taikai composite distribution poles are especially suitable for rapid repairs in the event of pole collapse and broken poles in complex terrain, greatly reducing power outage time.

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