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Manufacturing process of Composite Power Pole


The manufacturing process of composite power poles mainly involves five steps:

1. Core manufacturing: The manufacturing of composite rods begins with the manufacturing of the core. The core is made from a combination of resin and reinforced materials. It is the main structural support of the rod, and proper fabrication and design is key to ensuring a high-quality composite rod is produced.

2. Mold preparation: Molds are required to make composite rods. The mold is the outline template for making the rod, with pipes and air holes to allow smooth gas discharge and uniform pressure application during the manufacturing process. The mold should be customized according to the required size and shape of the rod.

3. Laminate build-up: In the pneumatic mold, the laminate (pre-preg composite in most cases) is placed around the rod core. During the build-up process, each layer of material must be carefully flattened and lapped to ensure uniformity of strength.

4. Curing and heating: Once the material accumulation is completed, the mold is pressurized and hot water, steam or other heating media is injected to accelerate the curing process of the resin. This curing process is called heat curing or light curing, and can produce different chemical reactions depending on the material composition and processing method. Once the resin is cured, the composite rod is half complete.

5. Trimming and machining: Finally, the composite rod needs trimming and machining. External imperfections or abnormal thicknesses must be corrected, and the ends and connections of the rods must be machined. Additionally, some attachments, such as ramp bars or hanging wheels, may require mounting with bolts or other types of fasteners.

The manufacturing process of composite poles requires strict adherence to manufacturing specifications and standards to ensure their quality and durability. Technology for manufacturing composite poles continues to evolve to improve performance and reduce manufacturing costs.

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