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Do you know the manufacturing process of telephone poles?


The manufacturing process of cement telephone poles can be divided into the following steps:

Mold making: The mold of the cement telephone pole needs to be made according to the design drawings. The mold is generally made of steel plate or wooden board, and the inside is coated with a release agent to facilitate demoulding.

Pouring: Put steel bars or steel cables inside the mold, mix cement, sand, gravel and other raw materials according to a certain proportion, then pour the concrete into the mold and vibrate it with a vibrator.

Curing: Put the poured mold into a curing tank for curing. The curing time is generally 28 days to ensure the strength and stability of the concrete.

Demolding: Take out the cured mold from the curing tank, use a crane to take the cement telephone pole out of the mold, and inspect and polish it to complete the manufacturing of the cement telephone pole.

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