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What are composite poles made of?


Composite poles have emerged as a reliable and sustainable alternative to traditional wooden poles in power line construction. Made from a composite material consisting of fiberglass and epoxy, these poles boast an outer casing of thermoplastic that offers exceptional durability and a longer lifespan. As composite poles do not require impregnation like their wooden counterparts, they pose no risk of harmful substances leaching into the environment.

Composite Pole: Maintenance-Free and Safe Design

One significant advantage of the composite pole is its maintenance-free nature. In addition to ease of upkeep, the composite pole is not electrically conductive, ensuring increased personal safety for those working with or around these structures. With a remarkable life expectancy of over 80 years, composite poles provide a long-lasting and reliable solution for power line construction.

Composite Pole: Exceeding Industry Standards and Innovative Protective Layer

The composite pole is designed to surpass strength requirements and meet stiffness standards set by SS-EN 50341-2-18, effectively handling various load cases. The innovative external protective layer not only facilitates the use of traditional climbing and safety equipment but also shields the load-bearing thermosetting plastic from harmful UV radiation and other external factors.

Composite Pole: Advanced Manufacturing Ensures Quality and Repeatability

Modern manufacturing technology utilizing continuous fibers and fully automated processes guarantees both quality and repeatability in the production of composite poles. By investing in cutting-edge techniques and materials, composite pole manufacturers can deliver high-performance, durable, and sustainable power line solutions that meet the demands of a rapidly evolving industry.

In conclusion, composite poles offer a multitude of advantages over traditional wooden poles, including their sustainable composition, maintenance-free design, and exceptional strength and durability. With advanced manufacturing processes and innovative features, composite poles are poised to revolutionize the power line industry for years to come.

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