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Why should we promote the use of Composite Utility Poles?


The manufacturing technology of Composite Utility Pole and pole segments has a history of more than 50 years abroad. The advantages of composite materials mainly focus on the following aspects:

1.Low installation and maintenance costs

The quality of Composite Utility Pole is about 1/3 of wooden poles, 1/10 of concrete poles, and 1/2 of steel poles, which can greatly reduce transportation and construction and installation costs, especially in mountain forests and remote areas that are difficult to reach. . The lightweight nature of the Composite Utility Pole allows it to be carried by helicopter. Its lightweight also means faster installation and less manpower. Composite Utility Pole is a maintenance-free or low-maintenance structure, which is very meaningful for ensuring line safety and reducing maintenance costs of transmission lines.

2.Good environmental adaptability

Composite Utility Pole has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance to corrosive media such as acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents, so it is particularly suitable for concrete and steel towers in coastal areas, inland saline soil areas, industrial areas and acid rain-prone areas. Environments with special anti-corrosion requirements.

3. Good electrical insulation performance

The new technology of using fiberglass towers to replace traditional iron towers can not only reduce the weight by half, make installation and construction easier, but also solve the problem of high flashover accident rates. Composite Utility Pole has excellent electrical insulation properties, which can avoid lightning strike accidents that are prone to occur in iron towers. It can also be designed to reduce the gap between wires and towers, making the transmission line structure more compact and reducing the width of line corridors. This is especially important when land resources are scarce. Especially important.

4.Anti-theft and loss prevention

In special areas, it can also effectively prevent tower material theft and other man-made damage.

Composite Utility Pole has better overall performance than traditional poles. Through reasonable design, Composite Utility Pole can meet various performance requirements of transmission lines for pole and tower structures.

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